The Department of Agriculture and Game Management offers specialisation in Game Ranch Management.  This course is introduced below and consists of the following:

Diploma: Game Ranch Management

Full-time: 3 years (includes 1 year in-service training)

The Diploma: Game Ranch Management course teaches the problem solving and situation analysis skills needed to effectively manage an game ranch enterprise. 

Advanced Diploma: Game Ranch Management

Full-time: 1 year
Extended offering for working students: 2 years

This Advanced Diploma: Game Ranch Management degree course teaches the application of advanced management skills and techniques in order to function at middle and top management levels on Game Ranches as well as other industries in the Game Ranch Management disciplines. 

MSc: Game Ranch Management

Full time/Part time: 3 years

This MSc: Game Ranch Management course is aimed at providing game ranch managment graduates with the opportunity of gaining experience in the research techniques and methodologies applicable to the specialisation field which they obtained during BTech: Game Ranch Management and NDip: Game Ranch Management. 

PhD: Game Ranch Management

Full-time: 3 years

During the PhD: Game Ranch Management Degree extensive research, aimed at solving problems experienced by industry, will be done - delivering a graduate with a proven expertise in a certain specialist area of game industry.

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